Installing Home Theatures

Preparing for My Home Theatre InstallationDigital TV Installation

Before I started to think about my home theatre and digital TV Installation, I started looking for the equipment I was going to use. Many people hear about a home theatre and just picture a big screen, however, I wanted my home cinema a little different. The first step was finding the right equipment to use within my theatre to fit my available sizes.


I started researching different size screens that would fit my measurements for the room which the home cinema was going to be fitted. I managed to find a perfect match being 46 feet in height and 90 feet in width this would allow me to have a little bit of space on either side of the screen. It became optional whether I wanted to have a 3D Cinema screen fitted. My ideas started firstly with the screen colour being matte white to match the decorations around the room. After speaking to the specialist, Concept Digital, he showed me different design for the colour of the screen I was choosing, he said the SeVision 3D GX 2.4 was one of the more popular designs. My next step was to choose my preferred surround sound system. I started looking for different sound systems that would enable the sound to bounce around the room for the right price. I later found a surround system with two front speakers 1 central speaker and 5 surround speakers with dimensions matching my required sizes. To see if my speakers would now work with my cinema screen I had to wait for both to be delivered when both products arrived, I slowly started fitting my surround system connecting each individual speaker together throughout the room. When each speaker was in place with all the wires connected it was time to see if they worked well together with Bluetooth connection from the speakers to the screen all the settings were correct and the 145W centre speaker projected high-quality sound.